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23rd May 2018

I’ve now realised that every race weekend comes with its own set of dramas!

After practice and qualifying, I was happy with a P2 and a pole position for the two races on Sunday. I hadn’t been feeling all that great, I think it was the heat as it does get very hot inside the car, so I was pleased to have done so well despite that.

Race one went well, I got a good start and got my nose in front for a nanosecond on the first lap, but with all the excitement the first lap gives you, ended up after the first lap in 5th. I swapped places a few times during the race but on the last lap I managed to sneak my way up into the lead. The car felt great and I was right in the swing of it, but an unfortunate tap from Luke (Browning) sent me off eating grass and I was extremely disappointed to have a race win robbed from me and ended up 8th overall and 3rd rookie. It was really hard to smile on the podium, I settled for a grimace and promised myself the next race was mine….

So starting in pole in the second race I felt better and the disappointment of the previous race was forgotten. But DISASTER! As I pulled up to the start line I realized my gear was stuck in 2nd, which meant I had a terrible start!! Unfortunately I got tapped round and ended up on the first corner absolutely last by a good 8 seconds and facing the pit wall! I thought the car might have been damaged but after pointing it back in the right direction I headed off to catch up with the (now disappeared) field of cars. I caught the backmarkers and gradually picked them off, then the safety car came out which was a great piece of luck for me as it pushed the pack up together and I was in with a shout of getting some points at least. I just kept my head down and overtook car after car and finally I was coming up to the squabbling pack of Green, Del Sarte and Taylor and somehow I managed to get past Green and Taylor and on the very last lap I managed to pass Del Sarte at Church and bring the car home for 3rd and a podium. I didn’t see that happening after the spin off! I was so chuffed to have managed to get back in the frame, and come away with a good points haul but I could never have predicted what a weekend of highs and lows it has been.

I was so pleased for James (Hedley) my wingman, who came 2nd in the race, and Adam (Smalley) for his win this weekend. What a great end to the weekend for Elite Motorsport with a 1,2,3 on the podium. Bring on Oulton Park!

Photos from the day

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