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Louis Foster partners with Butlers Race Car Finance for 2019

1st August 2019

MB Partners are delighted to announce a new partnership between Louis Foster and the recently launched, Butlers Race Car Finance. Part of the successful Butlers Vehicle Solutions Ltd brands, Butlers Race Car Finance utilise their years of experience to offer complete financing solutions across all forms of track and historic race cars.

Both enjoying a memorable year so far, Louis Foster and Butlers Race Car Finance team up as they look to enjoy an equally successful second half to 2019. On track, the 16 year old racing talent has enjoyed a positive start to his maiden single-seater campaign claiming three race wins across the first half of the British F4 season. Away from the track, 2019 has seen the exciting launch of firstly Butlers Classic Car Finance and then Butlers Supercar Finance, and now, Butlers Race Car Finance, for the Butlers Vehicle Solutions Ltd group.

Foster is proud to be supporting Butlers Race Car Finance as they kick start their work across the various motorsports paddocks.

“It is great to be welcoming Butlers Race Car Finance on board for the second half of the season. We have enjoyed a strong first half to our 2019 campaign and I’m sure there will be more positive results ahead backed by the support of the Butlers team too!”

Tim Butler and Linda Butler, co-founders of Butlers Race Car Finance, are looking forward to the new opportunity and are delighted to be supporting Louis in the process.

“Launching Butlers Race Car Finance has been a long process full of hard work but we are delighted to now be in the position we are in. With the ability to offer a real variety of financing options including hire purchase with a deferred final payment and equity release to all teams, drivers and championships alike, we are incredibly excited about what lies ahead and supporting our new association with Louis is an exciting part of that.”

“We have enjoyed great success in years gone by across the group thanks to our personal and hands-on approach to customer service. Those principles are incredibly important to us and that will be no different alongside the new Butlers Race Car Finance brand.”

To find out more about Butlers Race Car Finance, please get in touch with their team at

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