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2nd October 2018

Came into this weekend feeling quite excited and also a little bit sad that this was the final weekend of the Ginetta Junior Championship for 2018. I have absolutely loved this series, the cars are such fun to drive and I’ve made a great bunch of friends.

I knew I was in with a chance of winning the overall championship, having secured the Rookie Championship at Silverstone, but I was reliant on a good quali.

Having put the car on P5 and P4 for the first two races I knew I had a job to do with Adam and Luke in front of me, but sadly the first race was hampered severely by the safety car and I finished 4th, I was so frustrated by this but I knew I just had to battle harder next time and make it happen.

The second race I managed to get past a scrapping Luke and James (Hedley) on lap 7, which was a great moment for me, and sit behind Adam briefly while thinking how I was going to pass him but then the safety car came out again!!!!! It then stayed out for the rest of the race so I finally finished 2nd, again so frustrating as I was certain I could have overtaken Adam as I was on a roll and needed to get as many points as possible.

The last race I had a bit of a risky strategy. I knew I needed to win, but also I needed for Adam to not do so well, so after a terrible start by me (not part of the strategy!) ending up 4th at Druids I had to pick them off until I was back in the lead, then I could control the pace and back the pack up and see if Adam would come under attack from the other guys. At this point I just needed a bit of luck! However despite my efforts and winning the race, Adam drove brilliantly, doing enough to secure the Championship overall, which meant I came 2nd overall, but I am so pleased for him that he won, he’s been a great team mate. I have also enjoyed sparring with Luke, he’s a great driver and we did have a huge amount of fun in the last race. I will miss our battles. Also a huge thanks to James Hedley, he’s been my buddy and wingman all year, he’s not had the best of luck but he’s a rapid driver and I know he’s going to be great next year in whatever he does. It goes without saying Elite Motorsport have been epic this year, in particular James my mechanic, who is a rock.

Finally, thanks to my school Lord Wandsworth College (I’ll be back on the rugby team now I promise!), sponsors, in particular VansDirect and Carwow, my family and all the many friends and supporters who cheer me on and wish me well. It really does mean an awful lot when I read your comments on Instagram and Facebook, or when I see you at the track. Thank you for all your support, and I’ll keep you all posted in my blog of my plans for 2019.

Photos from the day

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